Daikin multi split / domestic

Daikin Multi split air conditioning


There are many advantages of a multiple system

  • Air conditioning in all rooms:
  • Multi system allows up to five indoor units connected toa single outdoor unit, reducing space requirements and installation costs.All indoor units can be controlled individually and do not need to be installed at the same time:the additional units (up to five) can be added later.

  • Widest range:
  • Different types of indoor units-wall, duct, underfloor, can be combined in Multimodel applications.

  • An ideal temperature for the interior:
  • A single outdoor unit can cool or heatan entire home, office ors mall shop at different times. You can enjoy a comfortable temperature while working in the office in the afternoon, and a constant temperature in the living room and bedroom cool at night.

  • Greater energy saving
  • Through the use ofthe latest technologies:SWING compressor, motorand control reluctant PAMDC Inverter

An example of multi split house

     split multisplit